Working Together Against the Coronavirus Challenges

The Summerville Family YMCA is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who enters our doors. There are growing concerns about the potential spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and in an effort to keep you and your family healthy and prevent the spread of germs, we are sharing some important information as we work together to stay as well and safe as possible during these critical times.

On Monday, June 1, we will begin to move into Phase 2 of our operations with additional openings and offerings.  Thank you for your understanding and observance of the guidelines and procedures that keep our members and staff safe. 

Our Downtown and The Ponds Family Centers will operate during the following hours:
  • Monday — Friday: 7 am — 8 pm 
  • Saturday: 7 am — 5 pm 
  • Sunday: 12 pm— 5 pm 

Group Fitness Classes:

Group fitness classes will be open for members to attend! The schedule will be limited and class size is limited. You can expect classes to be outdoors or in the gymnasium at The Ponds to accommodate the class size and social distancing procedures. 

Thank you for following the guidelines for attending Group Fitness Classes:

  • Downtown Family Center: Classes are limited to 7 people. 
  • The Ponds Family Center: Classes are limited to 10 people. 
  • Reservations are required and can be made 24 hours in advance.  
  • Please bring your own mat if you need it for the class you are attending.
  • Thank you for observing social distancing guidelines- 10 feet during a class and a minimum of 6 feet before and after class.
  • Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Water fountains are currently closed, please bring a bottle you can fill at our refill station or your own bottled water.

Child Development Center:

The Child Development Centers at our Downtown and The Ponds Family Centers will be open with modified operations. Child Development Center hours will be:

  • Monday  Friday: 8am—11:45am and 4pm—7:45pm
  • Saturday: 8am—11:45am

We are excited to welcome our smallest family members back.  We appreciate you adhering to the following guidelines and procedures:

  • Temperatures will be taken for all family members entering the building. Members with temperatures under 100.4 will be allowed to enter.
  • If you or your child are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • Childcare use will be limited by capacity and time. Reservations are required and can be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Activities available will be altered slightly to observe distancing and emergency child care protocols.

Basketball at The Ponds:

We are excited to open the gymnasium to limited capacity for individuals to shoot baskets. The open hours will be:

  • Monday- Friday:  4pm—8pm
  • Saturday:  1pm—5pm
  • Sunday: 12pm—5pm. 

Thank you for following the guidelines:

  • Gym use will be limited to 1 individual per available hoop. At this time, game play is not permitted.
  • Thank you for limiting play to 60 minutes.
  • Please place used balls in appropriate bin after use so they can be sanitized.

Indoor Pool at Downtown:

We are excited to open the indoor pool.  The hours will be:

  • Monday — Friday: 7am — 8pm
    •  2 reservations for Lap Swim, 2 reservations for Family Swim
  • Saturday: 7am — 5pm
    • 2 reservations for Lap Swim, 2 reservations for Family Swim
  • Sunday: 1pm— 5pm
    • 2 reservations for Lap Swim, 2 reservations for Family Swim

Thank you for following the guidelines.

  • Reservations are required and can be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Each reservation time is 40 minutes
  • There is 1 lap swimmer allowed in each space.
  • If a family swim lane reservation is made, only members of the family, listed on the membership account, are allowed to share a space.  
  • When members arrive, we will have two lanes available for lap swim and two family swim areas will be sectioned off.
  • The following amenities and equipment will not be available: water fountains, kickboards and pull buoys.
  • Our staff will sanitize all surfaces, in between each reservation period, to ensure the protection of our swimmers and staff.


To make reservations for Group Fitness Classes, Child Development and Lap or Family Swim:

  • Visit our website at
  • Search for the date you are looking for, you will see Child Development, Group Fitness Classes and Lap Swim all under this section.
  • Click “reserve” to make your reservation. Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance.

We are so happy to welcome you back!  View our Cleaning Procedures. 

As we welcome the community back to the Y, we want to assure you that safety remains our top priority. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our members, program participants, volunteers and staff. This means things will look and feel a little different. When you come back to the Y, this is what you can expect:
  • All members’ temperatures will be taken upon arrival prior to check-in. If anyone has 100.4, they will be asked to leave for 14-days.
  • Please wash your hands before you begin working out.
  • Please limit your workouts to 60-90 minutes.
  • Please wipe down all equipment before and after use.
  • Capacity is limited to 5 people per 1000 square feet in available rooms.
We each have an important role in helping ensure the health and safety of our community. To facilitate physical/social distancing between people in our exercise spaces and ensure the highest standards for cleanliness, we have made the following changes:
  • Access to certain equipment (cardio, machines, weights) will be limited to maximize personal distancing. Only every other cardio piece will be used.
  • Group exercise classes will continue virtually through Phase 1.
  • Restrooms will be open; however, showers and locker rooms are currently unavailable during Phase 1.  
  • Certain amenities will not be available: coffee areas, sitting areas and saunas.
  • Gymnasium activities will remain closed.
  • Members will be welcome to use the Oakbrook Pool for lap and family swim. Learn more.
  • Members only will be welcome during Phase 1. Guests will be permitted during Phase 2.
  • Increased signage throughout the building to encourage social distancing, hand-washing and promote cleaning efforts.
  • No evidence based health initiatives or senior specific programming (Silver Sneakers, Moving for Better Balance, etc.).
  • Child Development will reopen in Phase 2.
  • The Downtown Family Center Indoor Pool will reopen in Phase 2.
Under state guidelines, please follow these steps.
Anyone with known exposure to COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19 should do the following before returning to the facility:
  • Inform supervisor of the facility of your symptoms. 
  • Contact your healthcare provider immediately and get screened to be tested for COVID-19. Keep track of your symptoms.
  • Self-isolate at home. When you are without fever for at least 72 hours without the use of medication and all other symptoms have improved and at least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared, then seek testing for a negative result from a COVID-19 test or a written statement of good health from a doctor.
  • If positive, complete the isolation steps above and be re-tested before returning to facility.  
We will continue to review these guidelines regularly and communicate changes through email, our website and social media to meet federal, state and local guidelines. We will continue providing virtual resources for our members. When the State of South Carolina meets or satisfies the criteria to move into Phase 2, and modifications can be made to lessen restrictions, we will move into Phase 2.

We are ready to welcome you back. Our staff and entire Y family are prepared and ready to reopen under a new normal.  The YMCA will reopen in phases when government officials permit and the guidance from health organizations support that it is safe to do so. 

Tentative Hours of Operation: We offer regular hours of operation for Phase 1:

Downtown Family Center:

  • Monday-Friday 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The Ponds Family Center:

  • Monday-Friday 5:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
 It will look and feel different in our family centers due to the new social distancing guidelines in place. In preparation, all of our centers are receiving a supply of cleaning materials, personal protective equipment and safety posters. We are ready to welcome you back!

With closures extended through May 4, we are able to provide relief care at the YMCA thanks to our members and community friends. Through partnerships, we are providing food to Lowcountry families on Mondays (2 pm) and Thursdays (5pm-6pm) at our Downtown Family Center located at 208 West Doty Avenue, Summerville, SC. Learn more.   

Dear Y family,

We miss you and your families! Since we have been closed for purpose, our staff has been working hard to enhance our facility. We want to share with you what we have been doing.
At our Oakbrook pool, we have been deep cleaning our facility and equipment. Our staff painted the walls and restrooms, built a new deck and deep cleaned the pool deck. We are training for swim lessons so we are ready to teach children to swim. We are ready to put swim team in the water, to develop children to be safe around water and to enhance lives through our aquatic programming. (To learn more, watch Erika Stubbs’ video!).
Our sports fields have never looked so good! The sports and maintenance staff are giving some much needed TLC to our fields. We deep cleaned and painted our concession stand so we can open up as soon as games begin.
Finally, our childcare staff have been deep cleaning our facility, toys and equipment daily. On Facebook, we are providing daily games, songs, family challenges and education ideas for our families. Stay connected.
Our café is receiving a face-lift! We use this room to feed our under five year olds in the mornings and our after school kids in the afternoon. Partnering with the Lowcountry Food Bank, we provide snacks, lunches and dinners. Our partnership continues. We proudly have served local families with over 400 book bag buddies and 200 pantry boxes. 
During this stressful time, we want to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping others. We will continue to provide meals to families as often as possible. Our staff have been able to see the joy on the faces of parents who picked up food for their homes, which has been a ray of sunshine for all of us.
We miss you! Our prayer is that you are taking this time to enjoy being together, to be active as a family and to really appreciate each blessing. We will continue to provide social media outlets for us to connect with each other.
When you return to us, we will be ready to play together, learn new things, jump in the pool and get back on the fields! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay with us.
With best wishes,
Jill Lewellyn, Executive Director
Dear Y family,
While our Family Center at the Ponds has had our doors closed to our members during this time, I want you to know that behind those doors we have been hard at work! Our staff has pitched in and worn hats that are well outside their scope to clean, freshen and transform much of the facility.
I am taking this time to reach out to long-standing partners across the country and am working hard with our team to transform your experience as a Y member. We have all seen things evolve over the past few years in the fitness and program industry and it has been amazing to see how quickly our partners are answering the current needs with innovative ideas and offerings! Our team is excited to see how we can integrate some of these things to add to the value of your membership and expand on our commitment to the pillars of our mission as the YMCA.
Here at the Ponds, we have given some of our offices a much needed face-lift with fresh paint. We have also painted our Cycle studio to offer a fresh new look. Our Group Fitness studio has received a huge make-over with new paint, lighting, mirror frames and a stage to set us up to roll-out some exciting new classes over the next few months. I’d like to thank Blades Landscaping and Home Repair for donating labor and supplies to help us with this new look!
Huge kudos to our staff (and a couple of husbands) for the work in rearranging our Wellness floor! Every piece of equipment was moved to give the floor a better flow, a more defined free weight and functional training area and an easily accessible Express Circuit for those looking for a quick workout.
Now that the heavy lifting is finished, we continue to work on what we are able to offer you as a member of the Y and of the community! We have daily calls on Wellness, Programs, Outreach opportunities and Child Care.
While I miss seeing your smiling faces every day, I am excited about new things coming! Keep doing those workouts and sharing your pictures and videos with us, we hope to be able to welcome you back soon!
With best wishes,
Jana Chanthabane, Executive Director
Hello to all of my Downtown Y Family!
Thank you for staying with us through this pandemic. At the Downtown Family Center, we are working on numerous projects and cleaning of the facilities and equipment to enhance your Y experience.
We replaced all of the hand sanitizer and hand soap dispensers with hands-free Purell stations. We have also installed touchless paper towel dispensers throughout and added them in the locker rooms as well.
We updated the small cardio room and tween room with laminate flooring creating a much cleaner environment. These rooms have been re-imagined as well. The small cardio room is now “The Hub”. We are adding a Wii gaming station, this multipurpose healthy space is for members of all ages!
The tween room now named “nxt lvl” (next level). Aside from the flooring, we have removed the loft opening the space up for some more active play. We are adding soccer goals, a basketball goal, cornhole and large Jenga type building blocks for the youth of our membership to enjoy.
We re-arranged the cardio deck and the spin studio, making it more inviting and welcoming to members. The televisions in the cardio deck are now featured on the wall and support beams to allow a safer walkway. During the transition, we deep cleaned all of our equipment, machines, weights and accessories.  
Our staff did an amazing job scrubbing and disinfecting our indoor pool, pool deck and accessories.  The inside of the pool has been scrubbed and refreshed as well.
Walking through the locker rooms, you will see that the showers have been pressure washed, deep cleaned and disinfected. Inside and outside of the lockers all cleaned out. Ceiling fans and vents cleaned out and the addition of the paper towel dispensers to add to our continued commitment to our members to make the facilities a cleaner environment.
Along with all of the facility cleaning and improvements, we meeting to streamline processes to benefit our members. We hope that the machines and materials here at the Y match the brightness that our staff’s souls feel towards all of you! We couldn’t continue our mission to be a community cornerstone without your support!
We have continued our partnerships with other non-profits and are looking daily to how we can pursue our mission within the community. Through our community partnerships, we have provided over 7,000 meals to Lowcountry families. On May 19, we are hosting a blood drive with The Red Cross in our nxt lvl room. 
I truly appreciate all of your help with this and look forward to many more partnerships out of this uncertain time. We believe that people of all workout levels deserve to feel welcome, safe and comfortable walking in our doors and we hope that the changes we have made and continue to make help us with that goal.
Be safe. Stay strong.
Kim Howell, Development Director

The Summerville Family YMCA is committed to its mission of social responsibility.  As a result of this unprecedented pandemic and in line with direction provided by health experts and government officials, the Y does not plan to reopen before Monday, May 4.  We will continue to evaluate this date as the situation changes and more information is provided. 

While the facilities remain close to the public, our family center’s staff has been working diligently to improve facilities and programs to enhance the member experience.

Our staff and volunteers are working to deliver our mission throughout our community.  Partnering with Lowcountry Food Bank, we will continue to provide free meals to local families.  Food distribution will be on Thursday, April 2 from 1 to 3 pm at our Oakbrook Family Center located at 900 Crosscreek Drive in Summerville.

We are working to provide more resources to our members virtually to help you reach your fullest potential.  For inspiration, motivation, education, family games and so much more, please visit our website as well as our social media platforms.

Please stay with us.  We will recover.  We are committed to being the cornerstone of our community. Together, we will navigate through this challenging time. 

Be safe. Be strong. Stay with us.

Summerville Family YMCA



We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate the challenging circumstances related to COVID-19. While there are so many uncertainties, one thing remains constant—we are stronger together. And, we are thinking of you. The health of our community is our top priority. We are here to continue to serve you. 

The Summerville Family YMCA plans to open on Monday, April 13. This decision was made based on continuing developments of the pandemic. This date will remain flexible as the situation changes daily.

Starting Monday, April 13, we plan to maintain normal hours of operation. Members will have access to:

  • Wellness centers
  • Cardio rooms
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Sports fields
  • Social spaces

In-person group exercise classes, child development and sports programs remain suspended.

We are committed to being there for you and our community. During this time, we need you more than ever. We, respectfully, ask that you keep your membership active. Your support will allow for us to continue to deliver support for our community, our friends and our families.

Our Y continues to provide services such as food distribution, community need responses, family resources and so much more.

We will continue to offer motivation, encouragement, support and workouts through our social media platforms. We are moving, engaging and sharing inspirational testimonials. 

The Summerville Family YMCA is here for you and our community when the tough work of recovery begins. For more information, please call 843-871-9622 Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am-2pm.

Be safe. Be strong. Stay with us.


We’re here to support you no matter where you are. #StayWithUs


YMCA 360 | Les Mills at Home Workouts


At the Y, we remain committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving your health and well-being and giving back and providing support to our neighbors.


That’s why we’ve partnered with our youth development and healthy living experts to provide you with virtual access to the best group fitness classes on the go and resources for kids to learn, grow and thrive even when school’s out.


Post your tips, workouts and motivational moments on social media and tag us @SFYMCA on Social Media. 


Just because we aren’t in the same room doesn’t mean we can’t be here for each other, together. 


Thank you for being a part of our YMCA family. We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate what is best for us all. In the interest of Social Responsibility, we encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations to keep us all safe and healthy.

Over the next two weeks, we have created a virtual platform for you and your family to continue with workouts and education, supporting our pillars of Healthy Living and Youth Development. We are working with both corporate partners and our talented staff to provide resources and opportunities for social engagement for you and your family. Follow our Summerville Family YMCA Facebook page for postings and links each day.

You can expect:

  • Virtual classes, workouts, kid’s classes, and meditations from Les Mills
  • Workouts and classes from YMCA 360
  • Workouts of the Day (WOD) that do not require equipment
  • Weekly curriculum and resources from our Little Learners Program
  • At home workouts and drills from our Sports and Programs team posted daily
  • Recorded and live-stream classes with our Y instructors and trainer

We appreciate your support by continuing your membership with the Summerville Family YMCA. Your commitment to us is just as important as our commitment to you. Your membership allows us to employ a dedicated staff that enables for the mission of the Y to be accomplished together throughout our community.

Please help support our community as we turn this challenging time into a positive opportunity. We will deep clean our facilities however; we aren’t stopping there. Each family center has strategic projects that will greatly enhance your Summerville Family YMCA experience! Please join us on social media and watch the projects as they unfold!

We are here for you! If you have questions, please reach out!  

The YMCA is a relationship organization. We bring people together – large numbers of them, from all backgrounds and circumstances – and create personal connections. Our proximity to people and communities is an organizational asset.

As we follow the reports and learn about COVID-19, we know the very nature of how it spreads, presents significant challenges to how we deliver our mission and strengthen the community.

We also know that it affects high-risk populations, many who are in our YMCA’s daily, and understand we have an obligation to protect our staff, members, and our community has a whole. Your safety and health are our priority.

Strengthening our communities and helping people live a healthy life is at the core of what we do. Our leadership staff and volunteers have asked the critical question, what is the role of a YMCA at a time when people are being advised to keep their distance from each other?

Governor McMaster and our local governments are taking drastic measures to curtail the spread of this virus. This includes a ban on gathers of over 10 people.

 To fully support the national focus on flattening the curve of the spread of this virus and out of an abundance of caution, the Summerville Family YMCA will be suspending ALL operations on Wednesday, March 18 – Sunday, March 29.

This decision was not made lightly, but we feel we have a social responsibility to help protect all of the members of our community.

During this time, all our facilities will be deep cleaned, so that we can reopen to serve you as soon as we are able.

Exercise is a critical component to allow your body to stay healthy and fight viruses and infections. We are working quickly to support you during this time. We will provide virtual workouts from our corporate partner Les Mills, group exercises, educational lesson plans, family activities, as well as healthy eating tips and much more.  We will continue to communicate these options for you through our websiteFacebook and Youtube.


We will be monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and resume operations as soon as possible.


I urge you to follow the advice of our health and government officials, as well as practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and stay home and seek medical advice if you feel ill.

For 47 years, the Summerville Family has been serving our community. We ask you, our valued members, to continue with your memberships. This will help us to continue to pay our employees. 


Our community is strong, and we will get through this unprecedented time together.

Yours in good health,

Chris Sapp, CEO

Summerville Family YMCA