About Us

Our History

In 1966, 150 women in the Summerville community founded the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) to establish adult programs promoting Christian values. An enthusiastic response from the community prompted the organization to expand its program offerings. As the Y’s profile in the community grew, so did its scope of vision. In 1973, Jean Gantt and the Y (renamed the YWCO) organized the Y’s first annual Flowertown Festival. In undertaking this significant town event, the Y had grown beyond offering adults-only programs to include the entire Summerville community.

To more accurately reflect the organization’s growing diversity, the YWCO voted to become a YMCA in 1976. Three years later, an outdoor pool and sports fields were opened at Oakbrook.

Our Growth

As the community wishes changed and residents requested not only improvements in the quality and scope of youth programs, but also increased program offerings for adults, the YMCA Board of Directors took on the task of building a wellness facility in the Downtown area of Summerville. Property for the Downtown Facility was acquired through the efforts of the Salisbury Family and Coca-Cola, who sold the historic bottling plant to the Y for a bargain price. The Downtown Facility opened in May 2002.

In January 2009, the Summerville Family YMCA opened its third facility, the YMCA at The Ponds. The YMCA at The Ponds is located south of town, in a community called The Ponds (a Greenwood Development). This facility was made possible, in large part, because of a $1 million land donation and a $3 million construction cost gift presented to the Y from Greenwood Communities and Resorts.


Our Leadership Team

Gary Lukridge, Chief Executive Officer

Catie Michalski, Chief Financial Officer

Kim Taylor, VP of Operations

Jan Parsons, VP of Healthy Living

Jill Lewellyn, VP of Programs

Kristin Fry, VP of Brand Communication

Amanda Metzger, VP of Community Impact

Bianca McCoy, HR Director

Kim Howell, Senior Membership Director

Tracie Rickborn, Director of Marketing & Graphic Design

Lucinda Hughes, Fitness Director Ponds & Downtown

Heather Beyer, Relationship Manager (The Ponds YMCA)

Katie Sicard, Relationship Manager (Downtown Summerville)

Barbara Gonzalez, Programs Assistant & Adult Sports Coordinator (Oakbrook)

Andrea Dorman, Family Program Director (Oakbrook)

Erika Stubbs, Aquatics Director

Caitlin Eissler, Gymnastics Director

Lauren McConnell, Youth Sports Director



2018 Summerville Family YMCA Board of Directors

CEO– Gary Lukridge
Chairman and CVO– Jim Hamilton
Vice Chairman, President-Elect – Beau Ganas
Treasurer – Lauren Bailey
Secretary – Margie Pizarro
  • Brandt Shelbourne
  • Kathy Randall
  • Jay Tiedemann
  • Chris Berry
  • Michael Chauvin
  • Ryan McElheny
  • Dicky Miler
  • Tim Kennedy
  • Nelson Akwari
  • Karl Leistikow
  • James Cherry
  • Greg Jones
  • Nick Nydegger
  • Rashaun Butler