Hello to all of my Downtown Y Family!

Thank you for staying with us through this pandemic. At the Downtown Family Center, we are working on numerous projects and cleaning of the facilities and equipment to enhance your Y experience.

We replaced all of the hand sanitizer and hand soap dispensers with hands-free Purell stations. We have also installed touchless paper towel dispensers throughout and added them in the locker rooms as well.

We updated the small cardio room and tween room with laminate flooring creating a much cleaner environment. These rooms have been re-imagined as well. The small cardio room is now “The Hub”. We are adding a Wii gaming station, this multipurpose healthy space is for members of all ages!

The tween room now named “nxt lvl” (next level). Aside from the flooring, we have removed the loft opening the space up for some more active play. We are adding soccer goals, a basketball goal, cornhole and large Jenga type building blocks for the youth of our membership to enjoy.

We re-arranged the cardio deck and the spin studio, making it more inviting and welcoming to members. The televisions in the cardio deck are now featured on the wall and support beams to allow a safer walkway. During the transition, we deep cleaned all of our equipment, machines, weights and accessories.

Our staff did an amazing job scrubbing and disinfecting our indoor pool, pool deck and accessories. The inside of the pool has been scrubbed and refreshed as well.

Walking through the locker rooms, you will see that the showers have been pressure washed, deep cleaned and disinfected. Inside and outside of the lockers all cleaned out. Ceiling fans and vents cleaned out and the addition of the paper towel dispensers to add to our continued commitment to our members to make the facilities a cleaner environment.

Along with all of the facility cleaning and improvements, we meeting to streamline processes to benefit our members. We hope that the machines and materials here at the Y match the brightness that our staff’s souls feel towards all of you! We couldn’t continue our mission to be a community cornerstone without your support!

We have continued our partnerships with other non-profits and are looking daily to how we can pursue our mission within the community. Through our community partnerships, we have provided over 7,000 meals to Lowcountry families. On May 19, we are hosting a blood drive with The Red Cross in our nxt lvl room.

I truly appreciate all of your help with this and look forward to many more partnerships out of this uncertain time. We believe that people of all workout levels deserve to feel welcome, safe and comfortable walking in our doors and we hope that the changes we have made and continue to make help us with that goal.

Be safe. Stay strong.
Kim Howell, Development Director