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A place where you can see what community should look like. A place of love and compassion for every walk of life. A place that recreates moments that model Jesus’ love. A place for all where lives are transformed. This place is the Summerville Family YMCA. When you join the Y, you’re committing to more than simply becoming healthier. You are supporting the values and programs that strengthen your community. At the Y, children learn what they can achieve, families spend quality time together, and we all build relationships that deepen our sense of belonging.

At the root of the YMCA membership is a commitment to Character Development and our five core values of Caring, Honesty, Resect, Responsibility and Faith. Through membership, the YMCA encourages people to accept and demonstrate those values both inside and outside of the Y.

Joining Is Easy

We invite you to schedule a tour or visit one of our family centers. You can also join online.

Membership For All

Opportunities for Our Entire Community

Our Y is determined to create an environment which is hopeful and helps to infuse change in the lives of our members and the community.
The Summerville Family YMCA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, health and community service organization of caring staff who are dedicated to providing quality services to people of all ages, races, faiths or incomes. Financial Assistance is available to provide everyone access to YMCA programs and services. We will not turn anyone away due to financial need. Financial Assistance applications are available at the Welcome Center in each family center. For more information, please contact the Welcome Center:

Downtown Family Center: 843-871-9622 | [email protected]
The Ponds Family Center: 843-771-2943 | [email protected]
Oakbrook Family Center: 843-871-5011 | [email protected]

Financial Assistance


Our mission at the Y is to be a community cornerstone that puts Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, body and mind for all. Our Scholarship Program ensures our programs are easy, accessible and affordable for everyone regardless of financial hardships. Generous donations to the Y’s Annual Campaign make this possible. The Program is confidential and has been designed to take into account the financial situation of each individual.


  • Applicants must be over the age of 18 and must reside within the Summerville Family YMCA service area (50 miles).
  • Assistance will not be granted to the student or senior citizen, due to the fact that they are already eligible for a reduced membership rate.
  • The Poverty Guidelines for the US Department of Health and Human Services will be used as initial eligibility criteria.
  • Financial assistance will be granted for 1 year. Recipients will be required to reapply prior to the 1 year expiration date. Memberships receiving a scholarship discount will be terminated without renewal.
  • It is our feeling that a strong sense of ownership will be developed if the scholarship recipient contributes to the cost of the YMCA involvement. Therefore, recipients will be asked to pay a joining fees based on the percentage of financial assistance and a portion of their monthly membership dues upon activating membership. A maximum scholarship of 50% will be awarded.
  • Once a scholarship has been granted, the agreed upon monthly payment must be made on time or the scholarship status may be re-evaluated.

How to Apply

Complete the scholarship assistance application below and attach the necessary photocopies and request letter. Financial assistance will be determined based upon a thorough review of your application and may take up to two weeks. You will be contacted by telephone regarding your application status. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 843-486-1464 or [email protected] for our Downtown Summerville branch or [email protected] for our Ponds branch.

Download the Financial Assistance Application

Required Documents

Please be sure you have all the required documents prior to submitting your scholarship application.

  • A copy of your most recent income tax statement. (If you do not file federal income taxes, please call 1-800-829-3676 for a verification letter.)
  • Two most recent paycheck stubs or letter from your employer verifying your employment and stating your annual salary. If you are unemployed, draw social security or a full-time student, please provide a summary of your unemployment benefits, SSI paperwork, or financial aid benefits and student schedule.
  • A copy of a letter verifying your family is on the free or reduced lunch program.
  • A letter describing why you feel your family would benefit from financial assistance.


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