Job Title:       Lifeguard

Branch:         Oakbrook/Downtown

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt (hourly) part-time

Reports to:    Aquatics Director

Job:              Grade           Starting Pay

                        III             $10.00

General Function:

Under the general direction of the Aquatic Director, the Lifeguard is responsible for the safety and well being of all patrons entering the aquatic facility.

Know How.

  1. Current certification in lifeguarding, first aid and safety, and CPR.
  2. Knowledge of emergency policies and procedures for the facility.
  3. Knowledge and enforcement of pool rules and regulations.
  4. Understanding of risk management issues and safety requirements for the facility
  5. Must have good communication skills

Principle Activities:

The Lifeguard will be responsible for:

  1. Providing prompt and proper care for persons in need
  2. Providing a safe, clean, and attractive aquatic facility
  3. Adhering to and maintaining the pool rules and regulations
  4. Carrying out the proper emergency policies and procedures
  5. Adhering to and maintaining the employee’s code of conduct and safety policies and procedures
  6. The cleanliness of the aquatic facility, restrooms, deck, and surrounding areas
  7. Reporting to work promptly
  8. Abide by the dress code, which is to include but not limited to, bathing suit, approved shirt, whistle, and rescue tube.
  9. Documenting and reporting any/all incidents or accidents.
  10. Ensure that swimmers in a safe environment by continuously scanning the area and making necessary adjustments.
  11. Secures a qualified substitute sub when needed, and notifies supervisor of the shift change.
  12. Serves as a role model to members and Y staff and lives the YMCA mission, vision and values of the YMCA movement at all times.
  13. Attend all in-services and staff trainings/meetings
  14. Any other duties assigned by the Aquatics Assistant or Director








Physical Requirements:

_x_ Walking _x_ Sitting _x_ Climbing _x_ Crouching
_x_ Stooping _x_ Standing _x_ Kneeling _x _ Swimming
_x_ Carrying (25lbs) _x_ Pushing _x_ Lifting (25lbs)


Safety Policy:

The Lifeguard will be responsible for observing the following rules.

  1. No Alcohol or drugs will be used on the job at any time.
  2. Report all job accidents the same day the accident happens.
  3. Obtain authorization from your supervisor for all non-emergency treatments for accidents.
  4. Wear seat belts at all times in company vehicles
  5. Keep the area where you work clean and neat at all times.
  6. Do not remove or bypass any guards on any machinery at any time.
  7. Ask you supervisor when you need additional equipment or instructions to get the job done safely.
  8. Lift with your legs, not your back, and get assistance with loads over 50 pounds.
  9. Advise your supervisor of any hazardous conditions.
  10. Follow all other written and spoken safety rules.


High School diploma or currently enrolled.


Effect on End Result:

The Lifeguard represents the Summerville Family YMCA in a professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful manner to members and prospective members.  The Lifeguard will provide safety and lifeguarding services for the Summerville Family YMCA’s members and prospective members.

Introductory Period:

A 30-day review will be conducted after the employee start date.  The purpose of such an initial introductory period is to provide an opportunity for both Summerville YMCA and the new employee to assess their respective satisfaction and suitability to the job.

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