We now offer a Gymnastics program specifically designed for homeschool families during the day. We have researched many homeschool programs, as well as worked alongside homeschool parents to develop a program that will encourage physical activity, a love for our sports, and foster an environment that encourages character growth and develop relationships with others. Our desire is to provide a safe and clean space for families to develop strong, capable young people in an athletic environment. We offer three programs for our Homeschool families: Homeschool Gymnastics, Homeschool Gymnastics & Swim, and Open Gym.


The Homeschool Gymnastics Program is a structured 8-week class that follows lessons plans, just as we have in our regular Rec program, but the classes are not restricted to specific ages who practice at different times. Registration for each of our Homeschool classes are for ages 3-13, so families can sign up for a class at the same time. The participants will be split into groups based on age where they will follow lesson plans that are age appropriate. All gymnasts, no matter the age, will be encouraged and challenged to grow each week over an 8-week session.


The Homeschool Gymnastics & Swim class will provide families with the opportunity to receive instruction in two sports during the week for one price. Once the rosters are complete, the younger participants will do Gymnastics on Mondays, while the older participants receive Swim instruction and/or open swim time at our indoor pool located next door. The participants will switch on Wednesdays. This is also an 8-week program, with the age range being 3-13. The goal for this program, just like our regular Rec Program and our Homeschool Gymnastics Program, is to encourage young people, help them develop a love for our sports, and to provide a safe space that encourages independence and friendships.


The Open Gym Program is truly for families! We open our gym on Fridays for 50 minutes to allow participants to work on skills at his or her own pace. Coaches are available to set up drills or assist in a skill a gymnast would like to try, work on, or improve. This format allows more freedom in our gym than our structured classes, and gymnasts can work on a skill as little or as much as they would like during the 50 minutes. In order to maintain a safe and clean environment, this will be an open gym class, but with slight structure. Participants will start the class with a game or obstacle and then will be encouraged to go to an apparatus or event to work on specific skills for 10 minutes before rotating to another apparatus or event. We ask that participants stay at one event until it is time to pick a new place to practice and play. Staff will be cleaning in between rotations. We also set up an area specifically for our little ones, ages walking to 3 years old. Parents are asked to have at least one adult with each child under 4 years old.

For more information, please email [email protected].