We are now offering new youth programs.

Whether it is gaining the confidence that comes with learning a new skill or building positive relationships that lead to good character and team work, participating in sports at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out. Our sports programs are for all, they feature positive competition and their schedules are designed for family convenience.

We are pleased to announce that we are offering four new youth programs.

  • Dance: Whether your child is just starting or they’re honing their dance skills, our dance classes and workshops are perfect for kids ages 3-8.  Children ages 3 to 6 will learn the basic of ballet technique and terminology.  Our 7-8 year old class will learn the basics of fundamentals of jazz and performance.  Beginning with fundamentals and progressively moving toward advanced principles, dancers build confidence in expressing themselves and strengthening their bodies. This is an eight-week session held at The Ponds. Learn and explore the art of dance.
  • Sporties for Shorties: Ages 3-5 will be introduced to a variety of sports in this eight-week session at The Ponds Family Center.  They will learn the basics of football, soccer, t-ball and more!  We will focus on listening skills, working as a team, hand-eye coordination and body awareness.  Children should wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.  Registration is now open!
  • Volleyball: Pass, set, hit! With an emphasis on team spirit and sportsmanship, players have the opportunity to learn the basic volleyball fundamentals such as underhand serving, setting, hitting, blocking and digging in a fun and positive environment.  The co-ed teams will have one practice per week and a total of eight games throughout the season at The Ponds. Team jerseys will be provided. Register today!
For more information, please contact our Sports Directors:
Volleyball Clinics

With an emphasis on team spirit and sportsmanship, youth learn the fundamentals in a fun and safe environment.