The Summerville Family YMCA is committed to offering an evidence-based diabetes prevention program (DPP).  One of our DPP participants shares her health journey and how it reshaped her life.

In 2019,  I was more than 100 pounds overweight and I was determined to get my health back.  This is when I decided to join the Diabetes Prevention Program at the YMCA.  I learned so much: the importance of counting fats, not to depend on food for emotional support and how to substitute foods with higher fat for those less fat. Beginning to lose weight again, I  became solidly determined to meet my goals.

At my next doctor’s visit, my A1C was below the range of pre-diabetes for the first time since February. And, finally, I met my own personal goal of losing 60 pounds. I am very happy that I joined the YMCA diabetes prevention program.  My total weight loss was 14.2%

Writing a brief sharing of how the Diabetes Prevention Program has reshaped my life, both physically and literally, is a great way to see my success in a short period of time.

My journey started with a climbing A1C linked to a family history of diabetes illness.

I made a choice to fight diabetes without medicine. I chose the Diabetes Prevention Program at the Summerville Family YMCA.

The DPP Program Coordinator followed up with my inquiry and led me to one of the best decisions I could have made. The YMCA granted me financial support to attend the program. Without that monetary supplement, I would have missed out on being a better me.

When starting the DPP class, I ate anything I wanted (with no concern of portion size), did limited physical activity, and had little energy. The very first class showed me that I have control to manage my A1C and my health. So as of today, I am setting a second lifestyle balance goal of an additional 7% weight loss goal, having met my first after 10-weeks in the program.

As John C. Maxwell says, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

The DPP class at the Summerville Family YMCA has proven that gradual, healthy, and reasonable changes in your eating and physical activity not only gives you control, but success.

With gratefulness,

DPP Participant