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Professional Guidance for Achieving Your Goals

Personal Training

YMCA Personal Training is a one-on-one sessional with a personal coach. Personal training will be offered with additional social distancing protocols at this time. Our coaches are educated professionals often with years of experience who can help any YMCA member including individuals with disabilities, youth (ages 12 & up), new moms, seniors & triathletes. YMCA coaches come from as many different backgrounds and walks of life as our members do. We take great care in matching the members with the right coach.

Your initial visit includes a review of your health history, lifestyle and goals. Your coach can help then help you achieve your goals through one-on-one attention, accountability and expertise.

YMCA coaching is held at our family centers, on land or in water. These sessions incorporate many different elements and equipment.

PEAK Group Training

PEAK Group Training offers individualized coaching in a small group setting. Workouts are designed to increase strength, burn calories, change your body composition and reach your goals.

Working with our certified coaches, you will receive:

  • More personal attention. Working out in a small group allows the coach to offer more corrections, as well as appropriate modifications and progressions.
  • Motivation. Both your coach and other participants are there to encourage you to keep going. You’re a team!
  • FUN. That’s right, fun!

The YARD is a strength and conditioning program for anyone that wants to be healthy and fit. It incorporates functional movements and focuses on developing strength and power.

SPARK is a full-body workout focused on training endurance, strength and power. SPARK uses Myzone, a heart rate based training system to individualize the workouts and allow for maximum calorie burn and effectiveness.

To learn more about Personal and PEAK Group Training, please contact:

Downtown Family Center Mattie Bedell [email protected]

The Ponds Family Center: Tyler Reed [email protected]

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