The Summerville Family YMCA is partnering with Dorchester District 2 to provide solutions for the upcoming school year.  The Y will offer a School Support Program for K-5th grade, and after school service and accountability programs for our area’s Middle and High School students.  The programs are designed to provide enrichment, support, activity and socialization as well as social development.
Our programs will follow DD2’s calendar and bell schedule. We will offer the following options:
  • Grades K-5: Full Day School Support from 7am–2pm held at The Ponds.  Students will have access to the internet, tech support, PE class, art recess, tutoring, breakfast and lunch.
    • This supports DD2’s Full Virtual Model for K-5, Hybrid Model for 3rd-5th grade three days at the YMCA and two days at school.


  • Half Day Support: This program is for grades K-2 from 7am–10am   or 11am–2pm held at The Ponds.  This 5-day program includes transpiration to or from school and virtual learning support for the second half of the day. The Downtown Family Center will offer these services for K4.
    • This supports DD’s Hybrid Model for K-2.


  • After School Care:  The Oakbrook Family Center will offer after school care from 2pm–7pm for ages 4–12.  This program includes homework help, STEM activities and active time. Transportation is available from school or The Ponds.


  • Middle School CREW: At The Ponds, Monday to Thursday from 3pm–5pm, students will receive tutoring, assignment accountability, STEM activities, sports and service opportunities.


  • High School Leaders:  On Monday and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm–6pm, high school students will receive assignment accountability, tutoring, sports, fitness, mentoring and service opportunities.

We invite you to register today!   If DD2’s schedule changes, we will also update our programming to continue to meet the community’s needs.  For more information, please contact: