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“The Beach Boot Camp was an excellent program to start our days off with a great full body workout. Chrissy is a very encouraging presence that isn’t too pushy. The workout is quick-paced with a blend of easy to challenging components that can be enjoyed by all levels of participants. The boot camp has me not dreading the 5:17 am alarm each morning which speaks to its effectiveness!”

– Chuck, Member

“We chose to stay with and support the YMCA because of the amazing programs offered for our children and ourselves. The Little Leaners Program at the Oakbrook Family Center provides both my sons with a safe, fun and nurturing place to grow and learn. We have also been so impressed by the swim instructors and the parents night/day out program is awesome! What keeps me coming the most is the sense of community I feel each time I drop my kids off or go to exercise. I don’t know where we would be without the Summerville YMCA!”

– Jennifer, Member & Donor

“I came to the Y in order to get my fitness back on track. There are so many benefits to coming to the Y including the group fitness classes and the friendly environment.”

– Patrice, Member & Donor

“I started at the Y because I need to be motivated by other people to workout and make healthy choices. With my Y routine, I am making my goals, meeting people and having time for me. I would 100% recommend the YMCA training services.”

-Tara, Member & Donor

”The YMCA means a lot to me. Over the years, I’ve made a lot of friends through the Y and love how it brings the community together. My favorite thing about the Y is the staff. The staff is the main reason I’ve chosen the Y over any other gym because everyone is so friendly and I feel comfortable when I come to work out at any of the facilities. I also love the variety of classes that are offered, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the fact that it is a nonprofit organization.”

– Stephanie, Member and Donor

“The Y has made such an important impact on my and my family’s life. I have two children (almost 4 and 2) and they absolutely love going to child watch while I’m able to work out (or sit and relax in the lounge) for two hours each day. I’m working with a personal trainer! She’s helping me reach my training goals,as well as just giving me space to stay mentally and physically fit. The front desk staff is so kind and friendly on top of being helpful and knowledgeable about the programs provided by the Y. The classes are great and always run on time. The summer programs are entertaining and educational for my kids.”

–Alex, Member & Donor

“ I moved here from New York and decided to make it a priority to exercise after retiring from two really stressful jobs. Going to yoga classes and making those connections started my health journey. When the first LIVESTRONG at the YMCA class was announced, I called instantly to join that program. I enjoyed working with the instructors, learning the exercises and making strong connections. Before the program, I could not raise my left arm above my head but LIVESTRONG helped build it up. As a result of joining and attending exercise classes, I made great friendships.”

– Malika, Member & Donor

“I chose the YMCA at The Ponds because I was looking for an active community for me and my children. I joined shortly after moving here from Chicago and it was truly a blessing. I joined the MX4 classes for a trainer led workout and I love them! My son does soccer and my daughter does the running program. My littlest one goes to the childcare while I spend time on me. The staff are absolutely wonderful. It’s been great being a part of the YMCA at the Ponds!”

– Laura, Member & Donor

“I choose to stay and the support the YMCA because of all the amazing ways that it positively impacts our community. The YMCA is a faith based and family centered organization that in our current time of need is making a tangible difference by partnering with local small businesses and churches to feed those in need on their campus. Thanks for leading the effort to honor Christ through your service of the Summerville community.”

– Nelson Awari, SFYMCA Board Member & Donor

“I came back to the Y about 2 weeks ago and I am so thankful I did!! I was a little nervous about it so I checked it out and saw all the changes and protective measures they have taken. Everyone is respectful about the distancing and the cleaning of equipment. There are new hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. It’s fantastic. Since being back, my mood and attitude is returning to my norm. I feel better about life and people in general. I have energy again and I want to get up in the morning and do things.”

– Robin, Member & Donor

“When my mom retired, she joined her local YMCA. At that point, her whole life changed. She went to yoga, started sessions with a personal trainer, met wonderful friends and began her physical transformation. In her 60s, she lost over 70 pounds. She found her. She didn’t sweat at the Y, she “sparkled”. I would talk to her every day after her classes, and her laugh was music to my ears. She was so happy, more importantly, healthy. A year later, my mom passed away. When I lost her, I lost myself. I am grateful that I now serve my local YMCA. When I walk through the family centers, I feel my mom. When I talk to members, I see her smile. Sometimes, I even hear her contagious laugh. I am honored to serve my community, helping to tell the Summerville Family YMCA’s story. Here, we are transforming lives.”

– Erin Brush, Member & Donor

“I discovered the Summerville Family YMCA at a difficult time in my family’s life and can honestly say that they majorly helped get us through! I was working full-time with two very young children and a husband who worked 70+ hours a week. We were stressed to say the least! I decided to invest in the “Y” initially to get my son into the team sports, but it really turned into more of a lifesaver for me. When we first joined, I distinctly remember a moment when I was trying to register for a class while wrangling my 2 rambunctious kids, and the lovely staff member helping me said, “why don’t you go ahead and check them into child watch so you can take a breath?” A breath. That is what the Y came to mean for me. A chance to breathe and focus on me for a moment. She went on to tell me about how lots of busy moms take full advantage of the 2 hours of child watch offered not just to work out, but also take a moment to themselves.”

– Kathy Keber, Member

“My 7 year old daughter has not been at the Y since the start of the pandemic. The other night at bedtime, we were talking about places we liked being and felt love. She looked up at me and just blurted out, “I miss the Y. All my favorite friends are there. It’s one of my houses.” And that is why I support the Y with my time and financially through the annual campaign. Every child, and every adult too, deserves the opportunity to be a part of something that makes them feel like they are home. Her feeling of complete acceptance at the Y now will stay with her for a lifetime.”

– Catie Black, Member and Donor


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